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Our Diploma program prepares men and women for greater service and a deeper level of understanding of God's Word and His plan for His children.  It is also an ideal program for anyone who wants to broaden his or her ministry education. 


  • Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute requires a high school diploma or a GED to be eligible to enter the Diploma program.
  •  You must have a valid email address, and access to the Internet. 
  • It is a self-paced program ( i.e you study at your own pace)
  • Program is offered 100% online and course materials are provide at no cost to you. Your Bible is a mandatory program requirement.
  • Program is designed to be completed in one year but can also be completed in as little as six months depending on each person's schedule and ability.
  • Program is designed to allow student to begin at any time of the year
  • Program is tuition free; however enrollment fee is required to begin program and a fee is also required for your final program project and graduation certificate.   Diploma will not be released to student until these fees have been paid to school.
  • Please allow 3-5 days for your diploma and transcript to be emailed to you. Final projects and exams has to be reviewed and graded by instructors before diploma is issued.

Special Note: ( A great benefit for our Alumni)

Students who have previously earned a certificate in any of the courses listed under the diploma course of studies from our certificate program,can use it to reduce the total units required for the diploma program below.  


 The Diploma in Biblical Studies gives the student an understanding of the fundamentals of Biblical knowledge which includes Biblical history, Culture, the Old and New Testament and Theology.   It shows the student how to also apply the Bible's teaching to everyday life.

Ideal Program For Bible Teachers,  Chaplains, Pastors, Christian Educators, Christian Non-Profit Leaders and Counselors.


  1. Basic Bible Study: Old Testament OT-204
  2. Basic Bible Study: New Testament  NT-206
  3. Overview of  The  Gospels  GP-301
  4. Ministry of The Holy Spirit  BS-230
  5. Knowing God's Voice BS-212
  6. Teaching Tactics BS-215
  7. Introduction to Christian Ethics BS-201
  8. Leaven Like Evangelism BS-262
  9. Foundations of Faith BS-203
  10. Biblical Theology  BS-240
  11. Final Project   FP 500

Total Units  -  33

Course Descriptions

Basic Bible Study: Old Testament OT-204

Text: The Bible / Study Outline by Harvestime International Institute

 Units:  3 

This course presents an overview of Biblical history, geography, and life in Bible times.  The course provides an outline for each book of the Bible and teaches outlining skills for expanding these basic outlines into more detailed studies of God's Word. 

Basic Bible Study: New Testament NT-206

Text: The Bible / Study Outline  by Harvestime International Institute

Units:  3 

This course continues the study of the Bible with an outline for each book in the New Testament.  Information presented on each Bible book includes the author, the people to whom the book was written, the purpose of the book, the key verse, a list of main characters, and an outline of the content.

Additional Resources For OT and NT courses: The Legacy Bible Series 

 Overview of The Gospels GP-301

Text: The Bible / Outline and Workbook from the Legacy Bible Outline Series by Harvestime International Institute

Course introduces the following: 

An Introduction To The Gospels , The Synchronized Gospels  ( Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) and the Additional Studies in the Gospels. ( Access all links and resources provided)

Units:  3 

Overview of The Gospels  301 is an introductory level course designed to acquaint the student with a general overview of the content of the four New Testament Gospels.  Each gospel provides an in-depth study of the life of Jesus. 

Ministry of The Holy Spirit  BS-230

Text: Study Guide Material Through Harvestime International Institute

Units: 3

This study focuses on the ministry of the Holy Spirit, spiritual fruit, and spiritual gifts.  Students are guided in discovery of their own spiritual gifts and position of ministry in the Body of Christ.

Knowing God's Voice BS-212

Text: Study Guide Material Through Harvestime International Institute

Units: 3

This course explains how God speaks to men today and how to find His general and specific plans for life.  A Christian model for decision making is presented, along with guidelines for overcoming wrong decisions, steps to take if you have missed the will of God, and methods for dealing with questionable practices.

 Teaching Tactics BS-215

Text: Study Guide Material Through Harvestime International Institute

Units: 3

This course examines the methods Jesus used to teach and preach the Gospel.  Students are taught how to prepare and present lessons and how to teach and preach the Gospel.

Introduction to Christian Ethics BS-201

Text: Course Material by Dr. Margaret Olubiyi

Units: 3

This course introduces the student to the branch of Christian Theology that defines right and wrong behavior from a biblical perspective.  It is an in-depth study of the moral principles required by God of His children in their homes, workplaces, local church assemblies, and the communities they live in.

Leaven Like Evangelism BS-262

Text: Study Guide Material Contributed by Harvestime International Institute

Units: 3

The Gospel of the Kingdom spreads throughout the world as leaven in bread dough.  The leaven is small and hidden but its impact is unlimited.  Effective evangelism strategies are taught, including detailed instruction on the deliverance ministry, church planting, and techniques of networking between ministries.

 Foundations of Faith BS-203

Text: Study Guide Material Contributed by Harvestime International Institute

 Units: 3

This course stresses the importance of proper spiritual foundations for life and ministry by focusing on foundations of the Christian faith identified in Hebrews 6:1: Repentance, faith, baptism, laying on of hands, resurrection, and eternal judgment.

 Biblical Theology  BS-240

Text: Study Guide Material Contributed by Harvestime International Institute

Units: 3

This is a comprehensive and loaded course on topics relating to theology.   The purpose of this study, however,  is to provide a summary for independent learning and/or teaching of basic theological concepts.  It uses the Scriptures as the primary resource and does not deal with conflicting theological arguments.

Final Project   FP 500

Units: 3

This involves a comprehensive writing assignment.  Student will be required to complete a 4-6 pages typewritten double spaced paper.   Project topic(s) will be forwarded to student after successful completion of all courses in program.