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Our goal at Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute is to be able to support individuals who desire quality ministry training but are not able to afford attending a traditional Bible College.  Therefore, we are pleased to offer our online certificate and diploma programs at no cost to our students. This means we do not charge any tuition to take our courses.  However, we do charge a nominal fee for certain administrative costs for the DIPLOMA program.  These include Enrollment Fee $5.00 Final Project & Certificate Fee (Graduate Fees) $10.00 Click on link below to make your payment

Once you have made your payment for enrollment/registration, return back to web page to download your first course and begin your studies.  Once you have completed your final project and paid the fees for both certificate and final project, your transcript and diploma will be awarded and emailed to you


Refund Policy: Please note that DOZme International, the parent organization of Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute is registered in the USA as a non-profit, tax exempted ministry organization.  We therefore cannot issue refunds under any circumstances.  That means all fees paid to us remain NON-REFUNDABLE to the student, should the student decide not to continue with his/her studies.  This includes any and all moneys made for: Enrollment Fees,  Graduation Fees, Project and any other administrative or operating costs.