Enrollment/Registration Instructions

Please Follow The Steps Below If You Need Help With Enrollment and Taking a Course 

1. Go to Enrollment page - Click Button/Option - It will open up to Enrollment Form.

2. Fill out form completely and submit ( You will receive an email confirmation from school saying we have received your enrollment submission with login information) Follow the next steps below once you have received the email.

3. Next, go to "Our Courses" to see all the courses/programs we offer.

4. For Diploma Students Only: Go to "Payment" option to pay your enrollment fee and then proceed to download course and begin.   

5. For Certificate Courses:  Go straight to "course" page and download your courses to begin.

6. Please Read The Following Instructions For This Step:

Upon completion of each course, students will be sent a form to attest to completing the required materials and also asked to complete a one page essay to explain in their own words what they got out of the course. It is important for students to notify training support team via email once they have completed a course so that the necessary forms be sent to them.

a. These two items listed above is all you will need to successfully complete each course and be awarded a certificate of completion ( Certificate Students Only). 

b. The final exam will include a question for students to attest to completing the self tests (if any) at the end of the chapters. This will be required to successfully complete each Harvestime course and other courses. (For Diploma Students Only)

8.  For Diploma Students Only: Graduation Fees ( Final Project & Certificate) will be required after you complete all courses in the one year program).  See " Diploma and "Payment" pages for more information. 

If you do not understand any of these instructions and you need further explanation, please contact the training team via email, sosmbibletraining@yahoo.com,  on the contact us page @ https://www.swordofthespiritbibletraining.org/contact-us.php,
or reach out to your training facilitator in your respective regions.