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Encouraging, Inspirational and Empowering Must Read Books 

  1. Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer
  2. No More Two by Gbile Akanni
  3. The Excellent Wife, a Biblical Perspective by Martha Peace
  4. A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
  5. A Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren
  6. Encouraging Word for Today's Christian Woman by Margaret Olubiyi
  7. Touch Times Never Last, But Tough People Do! by Robert Schuller
  8. How to Find the Presence of God by Dr. D.K Olukoya
  9. Power Against Dream Criminals by Dr. D.K Olukoya
  10. The Principles of Power and Vision by Dr. Myles Munroe
  11. Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer by Dr. Myles Munroe
  12.  30 Life Principles by Dr. Charles F. Stanley
  13. They Walked with God: 40 Bible Characters Who Inspire Us by Max Lucado
  14. The Great Disappearance: 31 Ways to be Rapture Ready by Dr. David Jeremiah
  15.  How to hear God - Joyce Meyer
  16. The Screwed-Up Child: When the Foundation Is Faulty -Susan Obasi-Ikeagwu
  17. Becoming a vessel of honor - Rebecca Brown
  18. God's Prosperity: Coming out of a Poverty Mindset - Nek'ka Migel
  19. He came to set the captives free- Rebecca Brown
  20. Counseling: How to counsel effectively - John MacArthur and the The Master's College Faculty

More books and sites will continue to be added to this page!!!