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Our Affiliate Program

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Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute is a free online Christ-Centered Training Program offering quality training using internationally recognized biblical training curriculum such as Harvestime International Network. It has been designed for individuals who ordinarily cannot afford bible college and it is great for missionaries, and church leaders who are passionate about preparing their members and workers for Christian ministry. 

If you are interested in partnering with a US-Based organization to provide quality bible training to your church workers and leaders within your church ministry/organization,  please complete the information below and once received, we will reach out to you on how to move forward. 

As an Affiliate:  You will become a designated facility and facilitator of Sword of The Spirit Bible Institute.  You will have access to the "Training Staff"  page where you will be able to obtain exams and testing info for your site.  You will work with the student support specialist or training staff here to get certificates and transcripts (for diploma programs only) upon graduation from the program. 

When you partner with us, if you are a ministry or church, it will be featured on our websites and blog sites.   Our certificates issued to students (church/ministry members or referrals from you) will include the logo or name of ministry.  Information will be imprinted on the certificate as a symbol of our association. ( for example, it will say on certificate, " in affiliation or partnership with ABC Kingdom Ministries Int'L"). 



Application For Affiliation Partnership