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Harvestime Curriculum Courses   


At the end of the chapters in each Harvestime course is a self-test to test your knowledge & understanding. Try to answer the questions without using your Bible or the course manuals.

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Discipleship Program Curriculum 

used with permission from In Thy Word Ministries Outreach

A Certificate in Discipleship Comprehensive Training  will be awarded to student upon the completion of all 9 courses.  (note: successful completion of program includes submitting and passing of all tests or exams). 

Discipleship Training 

By Dr. Ray J Krejcir, Ph.D

Discipleship 101 -Getting started on your journey of spiritual growth. Why, God Bible and You, Prayer, Bible Reading, Who Christ is, what He has done…This course covers the Basics, Why, God the Bible and You, Who Christ is, what He has Done Prayer, Bible Reading...  

Discipleship 201- Growing more in your spiritual growth. This course covers more on the Basics, Developing a Devotional Life, Repentance, Confession, Prayer, and Bible Reading…

Prerequisite:  Discipleship 101  

Discipleship 301- Growing more in your journey of spiritual growth.  This course covers This section covers more of the Basics, Growing in the Faith, Obedience, Attitude, Spiritual Gifts, Prayer, Bible Reading…

Prerequisite:  Discipleship 201

Discipleship 401- Growing more in Christian Maturity and Faith. Fellowship, Basic Character…This section covers how we can make Better Decisions, Worship, Prayer, Bible Reading…

Prerequisite:  Discipleship 301  

Discipleship 501 - Being devoted to Christ in our spiritual formation.  This course covers Christian Living, More Characters, Love and Relationships, Spiritual Gifts…

Prerequisite:  Discipleship 401

Discipleship 601-  Growing more in Christ…This section covers more on Growing in Christ, Forgiveness, Spiritual Warfare, Prayer, Bible Reading…

Prerequisite:  Discipleship 501

Discipleship 701 - Growing deeper in your walk with Christ.  This course covers   Christian Living, Evangelism, Stewardship, Bible Reading…

Prerequisite:  Discipleship 601

Discipleship 801 -This course covers Christian Living, Suffering, the Disciplines, Bible Reading

Prerequisite:  Discipleship 701

Discipleship 901 -  This Course overs leadership training, christian living and more disciplines. 

Prerequisite:  Discipleship 891  

Foundational Biblical Studies 

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1. Foundations of Faith 


This course stresses the importance of proper spiritual foundations for life and ministry by focusing on foundations of the Christian faith identified in Hebrews 6:1: Repentance, faith, baptism, laying on of hands, resurrection, and eternal judgment.

2. Kingdom Living 


This course concerns the Kingdom of God.  It introduces the two spiritual kingdoms, their rulers, and residents.  It provides spiritual keys for gaining access to the Kingdom of God and warns of things that result in being cast out of the Kingdom.   The past, present, and future of this Kingdom are examined, Kingdom parables are explained, and its patterns and principles of living are stressed.

3. Developing a Biblical Worldview 


This course explains the "world view" revealed in the Bible, the written Word of God.  It traces the subject from the book of Genesis through Revelation.   It explains God's plan for the nations of the world from the beginning through the end of what we call "time."  This course presents the believer's responsibility to the nations by introducing the challenge to become a "World Christian."       

4. Strategies For Spiritual Harvest 

 This course focus on promises of spiritual harvest, things that prevent harvest, and the keys to effective harvest. God is taking spiritually dead men and women and making them spiritually alive. The vision is providing new meaning and direction for living. It is uniting the Body of Christ, the true Church, in common purpose. That vision is the subject of this course, "Strategies for Spiritual Harvest.”  The course will lead you through four steps to achieving the vision.

5.  Knowing God’s Voice     


This course explains how God speaks to man and how to find God's will for your life.  Guidelines are given on knowing the voice of God and determining His will.  The pattern of God's will and Scriptural examples of how God reveals His will are discussed.

6.  Ministry of The Holy Spirit


 This course examines the nature and personality of the Holy Spirit.  It discusses the titles given the Holy Spirit and emblems which represent Him.  Both reveal much about His ministry.  The purposes, gifts, and fruit of the Holy Spirit are examined in detail.  Practical guidelines are given for experiencing the baptism of the Holy Spirit, identifying spiritual gifts, and developing the fruit of the Holy Spirit. 

7.  Creative Bible Study Methods    


 The course also explains how to outline, make study notes, mark your Bible for easy reference, and reduce lengthy passages to simple charts.  The course guides you to proper interpretation and application of God's Word.  It directs attention to the greatest Teacher of all, the Holy Spirit.  If you follow the guidelines presented, you will experience a new, creative spiritual life flowing within you.    

8.  Teaching Tactics     


 In this course,  you will learn how to use a great spiritual weapon.  That weapon is the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God (Ephesians 6:17).  You will learn tactics of preaching and teaching God's Word for the purpose of defeating the enemy.   This course uses God's Word, the Holy Bible, as the revelation upon which all teaching is based. In Biblical teaching, the teacher, subject, and methods must all be in harmony with the Scriptures (Bible).      

9. Biblical Management Principles   


 This course is first in a series of three in the "Organizing Module" of training offered by Harvestime International Network.  This study, along with the courses "Environmental Analysis"  and "Management By Objectives" which follow, will help you become a good steward of spiritual resources.  We recommend that these three courses be studied in order for a proper understanding of the leadership, planning, and organization necessary for effective ministry. This course introduces the subject of management, identifies leadership positions, and stresses the importance of the anointing to lead.  Biblical principles of leading like a servant and shepherd and qualifications for leaders are also discussed.   Please note; Biblical Management Principles, Environmental Analysis and Management by Objectives courses when taken together, and after successful completion will earn you a certificate in  Biblical Principles For Effective Ministry Leadership. If you choose to take courses individually, you will be awarded a certificate of completion in each of the courses. 

10. Principles of Environmental Analysis      


 This course is second in a series of three in the "Organizing Module" of training offered by Harvestime International Network.  "Biblical Management Principles" precedes this course, and "Management By Objectives" follows it.  It is recommended that these three courses be studied in their suggested order for a proper understanding of the leadership planning, and organization necessary for effective ministry.       Please note; Biblical Management Principles, Environmental Analysis and Management by Objectives courses when taken together, and after successful completion will earn you a certificate in  Biblical Principles For Effective Ministry Leadership.  If you choose to take courses individually, you will be awarded a certificate of completion in each of the courses. 

11.  Management  by Objectives      


 This course will help you fulfill the ministry to which God has called you. You will formulate a purpose for ministry in harmony with God's purpose and plans.  You will learn how to set objectives, implement plans, and evaluate results.  This course is third in the organizing module of training offered by Harvestime.  It is recommended that all three courses be taken in order.   Please note; Biblical Management Principles, Environmental Analysis and Management by Objectives courses when taken together, and after successful completion will earn you a certificate in  Biblical Principles For Effective Ministry Leadership.  If you choose to take courses individually, you will be awarded a certificate of completion in each of the courses. 

12. Power Principles     


Power principles taught in this course will enable you to experience the spiritual power taught in the Bible. This course answers the heart cry of those who have hungered for reality instead of religion. It will move you from being a spectator to a demonstrator of the power of God. 

13. Mobilization Methodologies     


  In this course, you will learn the difference between mobilization and manipulation.  You will study the Biblical basis of mobilization and learn how the fire, glory, and worship of God are involved in mobilizing God's people.  You will study Biblical principles of revival and learn their importance in maintaining the motivation necessary for achieving spiritual vision.

14.  Spiritual Strategies (Warfare)  


 In the military world, "strategy" is the science of forming and carrying out military operations. It is the method or plan which leads to the goal of victory.   In this course, you will learn to formulate and carry out spiritual military strategy which will bring victory in the spirit world.   Please note:  Spiritual Strategies ( Warfare) and Strategic Spiritual Warfare under "Advanced Biblical Studies" can be taken together to obtain a Certificate in  Effective Spiritual Warfare Strategies. Courses can be taken individually, and a Certificate of Completion in each course will be awarded.

15.  Women, A Biblical Profile    


 This course summarizes all the Bible teaches regarding women.  It is not only a study guide but a reference tool as it lists all the passages about women and references to all the individual women mentioned in the Word of God. 

16.  Battle for The Body    


 In this course, we are making a careful evaluation of the strategies available to win the war against Satan in the battle for your body.  You will learn to do battle for your physical body and to minister these truths to other wounded warriors in God's army. 

17. Jail and Prison Ministry    


 This course includes instruction on dress and safety codes, institution and inmate typology, and how to relate to inmates in such a way that they will be attracted to the Gospel message and receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  This course manual is designed for individuals who have a desire to get involved in jail and prison ministry,  For Churches planning to start jail and prison outreaches, For Bible colleges desiring to offer jail and prison ministry training to students and for Chaplains who need a training tool for training their volunteers. 

 18.  Intercessory Prayer      


 In this study, you will learn what intercessory prayer is and how to do it effectively using dynamic spiritual resources that have been delegated for this purpose. You will learn what to pray for, how to overcome hindrances to intercessory prayer, and how to get started and keep going.

 Basic Bible Survey: Old Testament      


 Basic Bible Survey" introduces the Bible and discusses its translations and various versions.  It presents an overview of Biblical history, geography, and life in Bible times.  The course provides an outline for each book of the Bible and teaches outlining skills for expanding these basic outlines into more detailed studies of God's Word. 

20.  Basic Bible Survey: New Testament        


 This course continues the study of the Bible with an outline for each book in the New Testament.  Information presented on each Bible book includes the author, the people to whom the book was written, the purpose of the book, the key verse, a list of main characters, and an outline of the content.    "Basic Bible Survey" is a companion course of "Creative Bible Study  Methods" which teaches various ways to study the Bible. Both courses are designed to enrich your personal study of God's Word.

21.  Leaven-Like Evangelism    


Most courses on evangelism focus only on the command to "go" into all the world with the Gospel. They emphasize preaching and teaching the Gospel message. This course differs because it also focuses on what Jesus said to do "as you go" and the New Testament Church pattern of what to do "while you are there." The course is divided into three sections.    

 22. New Believer Guidelines  ( For New Believers/Christians)


Your decision to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior will bring positive changes in your life. This brief study will help you understand what it means to be "born again" and provide instructions on how to grow spiritually.   For further development of your new life in Christ,  we will encourage you to also study the courses "Foundations of Faith" and "Kingdom Living" which you can find under foundational biblical studies on this page.  Once you have completed the courses, go through the study entitled "Biblical Theology".  ( ( A Certificate of Completion is NOT offered for this course). 

Advanced Biblical Studies

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1. Altar Counseling


After an appeal has been made, workers are needed to pray individually with those who respond to the call.  This is the role of the altar counselor--to draw alongside someone who has responded to the altar call and minister to them.  The purpose of this training is to prepare you to be an effective altar counselor and work cooperatively with the pastoral staff.   

2. Biblical Theology


This is a comprehensive and loaded course on topics relating to theology.   The purpose of this study, however,  is to provide a summary for independent learning and/or teaching of basic theological concepts.  It uses the Scriptures as the primary resource and does not deal with conflicting theological arguments.

 3. Divine Division

by Dr. Patricia Hulsey


The divisions you encounter on the way to your destiny are not without purpose.  They are initiated by God for your protection, for spiritual advancement, for deliverance from sin, and to preserve you from improper relationships.  They all are divinely ordained separations to enable you to fulfill this great mandate.  In this course, you will learn to recognize and joyfully embrace the divine divisions you experience on your journey as a believer. ( A Certificate of Completion is NOT offered for this course). 

4. Divine Dwelling, Psalm 91

by Dr. Patricia Hulsey


Psalm 91 is a message to those who have or who will face challenges, problems, and difficult circumstances.  In other words, it is a Psalm for everyone, but there are specific qualifications in order to claim its promises.  The promises of Psalm 91 are for those who abide in the secret place. When you experience a crisis outside of this spiritual dwelling, you cannot claim the provisions, protection, and promises of this passage.  That is why it is important to learn how to gain access to the secret place and remain there permanently.  ( A Certificate of Completion is NOT offered for this course). 

5. Divine Provision: Biblical Final Strategies


The divine provision on which this study focuses is not where one lives lavishly and selfishly consumes resources by satisfying extravagant, materialistic desires.  The abundance God wants you to experience is where your needs will be met so you will be able to sow liberally into the Kingdom of God and extend the Gospel to the nations of the world. 

6. Strategic Spiritual Warfare 

by Ray Beeson and Dr. Patricia Hulsey

Overview  To be effective in spiritual warfare, we need to know these spiritual strategies and how to put them into action. It is for this reason that "Strategic Spiritual Warfare" has been written.  Instead of just learning about spiritual warfare, you will actually begin to do warfare through a 15-step interactive program that will guide you in facing the battles of life.  As you study and apply this material, please be aware that we have tried to be as scripturally as accurate as possible. Please note:  Spiritual Strategies ( Warfare) under "foundational biblical studies" and Strategic Spiritual Warfare can be taken together to obtain a Certificate in Effective Spiritual Warfare Strategies .  Courses can be taken individually, and a Certificate of Completion in each course will be awarded.

7. Understanding Biblical Numbers


This study explains the importance of biblical numerology and provides guidelines for properly interpreting numbers. You will learn the meaning of selected numbers, their prophetic significance, and how to apply what you learn. These foundational studies will equip you to interpret the spiritual meaning of numbers used in scripture and provide the skills necessary for you to continue this fascinating study independently. 

8. Biblical Strategies For Confronting Crisis   

 Overview What to do when you do not know what to do..., If you are seeking God’s will but you are confused and perplexed--then this course is for you!  Like Jehoshaphat, once you receive this revelation you will never again be fearful or indecisive when you don’t know what to do. 

For students registered for the courses below, please click this link to get to individual course links HTTPS://WWW.SWORDOFTHESPIRITBIBLETRAINING.ORG/SOTS-CURRICULUM.PHP


1.  The Benefits of Godly Wisdom    

By Dr. Margaret Olubiyi     


 The entire book of proverbs is dedicated to teaching the children of God about wisdom and discipline.  In this study, you will learn about what godly wisdom is, and the importance of seeking godly wisdom in every area of our lives. 

2.  The Power of True Worship  

  By Dr. Margaret Olubiyi    


 The greatest purpose for which man was created was to worship the one true God who created us in His image and likeness. However, when sin came into the world through our first parents, the heart of man became corrupt thereby the strong desire to yearn for more led them to seek other things to occupy the place in their hearts meant for the Almighty God alone.  This course will reveal the power of true worship and how the transformation it brings to the life of a believer.   

3.  Introduction to Biblical Counseling     

By Dr. Margaret Olubiyi  


  Around the world, people face similar life challenges. They try solving their problems in different ways; some use illegal substances like heroin, alcohol, others seek spiritual guidance and direction. The bottom line is people are hurting and desperately in need of a solution. Unknown to them, what they need is the loving touch of the Almighty God. He is ready to bring hope and healing to the lives of those who genuinely reach out to Him. This study introduces the student to biblical counseling and its importance in the body of Christ.   

4. Christian Life Coaching 101     

By Dr. Margaret Olubiyi           


  This course is designed to provide an overview of the growing field of life coaching. Caregivers will discover foundational principles of coaching, learn how to start a coaching business and explore practical and scriptural aspects of Christian life coaching.  When ready to begin this course, please email training Support at for the course link.  

5.  Christ Centered Mentoring 101   

By Dr. Margaret Olubiyi   


This introductory course is designed for christian leaders, life coaches, pastors, teachers, counselors and anyone who has a strong desire to help their fellow sisters and brothers fulfill God's divine purpose for their lives. Students will learn  about mentoring others from a biblical perspective.


6. Christ Centered Mentoring 102      

By Dr. Margaret Olubiyi      


This course covers the essentials needed to start and sustain a mentoring ministry. It reveals the tools needed to make your  Christ-centered mentoring ministry a successful one.  


By Dr. Margaret Olubiyi 


This course will highlight the importance of persons in ministry practicing self-care. It will show the student what scripture says about taking care of oneself as one carries out God's work. The course is ideal for pastors, missionaries, evangelists, ministry leaders, and christian business owners/marketplace leaders who are in a position to train their staff and workers as well as minister to their congregation (for pastors) on the
importance and benefits of self-care.

The Legacy Bible Series - Old and New Testament Studies

Study Materials Required:  Your Bible, Your Digital or Traditional Note Pad, Stationery & Course Manual.    Please contact the the training team @   if you have any questions during your study. 

"Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." 2 Timothy 2: 15 KJV

Happy Studying!!!!